Beautiful Summer Flowering Bulbs

So many gardeners are under the impression that flowering bulbs are planted only in the fall, but there is a vast variety of bulbs which are summer flowering bulbs. These bulbs are planted in the spring to produce beautiful exotic flowers in July and August — just when the garden needs a jolt of fresh color the most. (View a list of summer flowering bulbs at

Because these summer flowering bulbs are not winter hardy, they must be lifted in the fall and replanted in the spring, (thus are known as spring bulbs in nurseries). However, the results are well worth the effort of lifting and replanting these summer flowering bulbs every season.

Here are some summer flowering bulbs you may want to include in your garden:

Acidanthera Summer Flowering Bulb (A member of the gladioli family)

The Gladiolus Acidanthera, a member of the gladioli family, is a gem which exhibits magnificent white flowers arching on the end of 24 to 36 inch upright spikes from July to September.

These cream colored blossoms that have a purplish -black blotch give off a fragrance which is outstanding, especially at dusk when the air is still. Plant them in full sun for best results.

Caladium Summer Flowering Bulb

Caladiums are especially prized for their gorgeous pink, red, green, and/or white arrowhead shaped colorful foliage which brighten any dark corner of the garden. For best growth and color, caladiums need protection from full sun.

The flowers are insignificant and drain energy from the plant, so they are best removed when they appear. Often used in borders and beds, caladiums are also ideal for pots and hanging baskets on the porch or patio.

Crocosmia Summer Flowering Bulb

The crocosmia make a bold statement in any garden. The crocosmia (Montbretia) produces beautiful mixed colored flowers in yellow, orange or fire-engine reds while the crocosmia masonorum produces 12-30 brilliant orange-red florets per stem and multiply rapidly.

Crocosmia have gracefully arching stem and add a festive brightness to the mid to late summer garden. The flowers are very showy and make great cut flowers. The Montbretia has attractive foliage, and hummingbirds flock to their blooms.

Glory Lily Summer Flowering Bulb

The Glory Lily, (also called gloriosa lily and flame lily), a climber with an unusual crimson-red flower with a yellow base and edging, blooms in mid-summer with unique lily-like flowers that have wavy petals 4 to 5 inches across.

This fast growing plant can climb up to 8 feet on a fence or trellis. On the other hand they can be planted in pots and containers indoors or on the deck or balcony. They make excellent cut flowers.

Spider Lily Summer Flowering Bulb (Hymenocallis/Ismeme)

The Spider Lily, commonly called Basket Lily or Peruvian Daffodil, features a clump of narrow, strap-shaped, amaryllis-like leaves growing directly from the bulb.

In the summer, each 2 ft stem is topped by 2 to 5 fragrant, white, gorgeous blooms with spidery petals. The flowers, which can grow up to 5 inches across, are very sweetly scented and come in white and yellow varieties.

Spider lilies, which should be planted in full sun or partial shade in early June when the soil has warmed up, can be used in borders, open gardens, and containers.

Ornithogalum (Chincherinchee) Summer Flowering Bulb

The Chincherinchee, ‘Ornithogalum thyroides’, produce wonderful white blooms. When planted in drifts, the ornithoglalum clusters of white star-like flowers on spiky stalks make an impressive display in the garden when they bloom in July and August.

Ornithogalum are a floral designer’s favorite because they are extremely long-lasting cut flowers and will last in a vase for about three weeks; under certain circumstances, they can actually last for months. Their hardiness zones are 7 through 10.

Tigridia Summer Flowering Bulb (Tiger Flower, Mexican Shell Flowers)

Tigridia’s common name is derived from the spots on the red, yellow, orange, maroon, or pink flowers that look like tiger spots. They grow 1 1/2 to 2 ft tall stems with foliage that resembles that of the gladioli, and the blooms appear to float above the foliage.

Each plant produces several flowers per stalk, and each separate flower blooms for just one day. Tigridia prefer full sun and sandy loam and are very pretty when used in sunny borders or beds.

These are only seven of a long list of summer flowering bulbs which produce exotic flowers in July and August. Aren’t they gorgeous!!!

Happy Summer Flowering Bulb Gardening!


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