Cantaloupe Nutrient Value Table

cantaloupe nutrient value per 100 grams

Like me, you are probably interested in finding out more about the cantaloupe nutrient value;

that is, you too may want to know exactly how much of each vitamin/minerals/antioxidants etc are found in a cantaloupe.

To help you get an idea of what you can find in a cantaloupe,  the USDA National Nutrient Database ( has put together a table outlining the names and amounts of all nutrients found in a cantaloupe

This table will give you the cantaloupe nutrient value per 100 grams of cantaloupe (1cup =177 grams)

Source: USDA National Nutrient Database

Measure Description100 Grams
Servings Weight100g
Water (g)90.15
Energy (kcal)34
Protein (g)0.84
Fat, total (g)0.19
Carbohydrate (g)8.16
Sugars, total (g)7.86
Fiber, total dietary (g)0.9

Pyridoxine (mg)0.072
Thiamin (mg)0.041
Pantothenic acid(mg)0.105
Folate, DFE (mg)21
Vitamin A, RAE (mcg)169
Vitamin C (mg)36.7
Vitamin B-6 (mg)0.072
Vitamin E, alpha tocopherol (mg)0.05
Vitamin K (mcg)2.5
Niacin (mg)0.734
Riboflavin (mg)0.019
Selenium (mcg)0.4

Sodium (mg)16
Potassium (mg)267

Calcium (mg)9
Copper (mg)0.041
Iron (mg)0.21
Magnesium (mg)12
Phosphorus (mg)15
Zinc (mg)0.18

Monounsaturated fatty acids, total (g)0.003
Polyunsaturated fatty acids, total (g)0.081
Saturated fatty acids, total (g)0.051

Carotene, alpha (mg).016
Carotene, beta (mg)2.02
Cryptoxanthin, beta (mcg).001
Lutein + zeaxanthin (mg).026

cantaloupe quarters for nutrient value

All these nutrients can pack a good wallop when it comes to health maintenance.  Click  “Cantaloupe Health Benefits” (see the title list on the right) to find out more about how these nutrients  outlined in the Cantaloupe nutrient value table can be a benefit to your health.

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