Planting Bulbs (2 Videos)

Video on planting bulbsPlanting bulbs is extremely easy to do . . .

. .. and if you were wondering how it’s done, here’s a few videos which will give you a quick run through of how planting bulbs is done, in this case summer flowering bulbs.

Not only are bulbs easy to plant but  if you are planting bulbs, especially the summer flowering ones, they will produce some of the most beautiful plants you can have in a garden.

In this first video you will see some great samples of summer flowering bulbs and what they produce as Sally Ferguson from gives a quick introduction on summer flowering bulbs: “Fun With Summer Plants”

Here’s a second video . . . this one on planting bulbs.

This particular video by The Produce Garden is on how planting bulbs in a container is done. As he says, “Bulbs are dead easy and give a great display.”

I hope you have enjoyed these videos on planting bulbs and can use the information given by these two people.

Good luck with your bulbs.


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