About Me

Hi . . . and welcome to my blog!

How encouraging to know that there are many people who are growing their own vegetables because they are interested in eating healthier foods and at the same time keeping our environment cleaner.

I grew up on a farm in New Brunswick where the norm was to plant and grow large gardens. When my two daughters were 6 and 7 years old, the family moved to Ontario, Canada, and bought a property which had a 100 ft. by 67 ft. backyard. On it I had two compost bins, a backyard garden, fruit trees, shrubs, and lots of flowers. My absolute favourite flowers are lilacs, roses (tea roses, climbing roses, miniature roses, and floribundas) and climatises, so I had plenty of those.

Although I have now moved to an apartment, I continue to use my gardening skills. This time instead of composting organic material, I have a vermicomposter on the go in my apartment and use the worm compost to renew and put nutrients back into my soil. This vermicompost is every bit as good as any organic compost.

Hopefully between my many gardening blogs and the available resources, you will get lots of information which will help you grow lush and healthy plants and vegetables so that you, in turn, can eat healthier food and at the same time keep the environment cleaner and our soil richer.

Happy Gardening!