Category: Backyard Gardening

  • Your First Garden

    Your First Garden

    CREATING YOUR FIRST BACK YARD GARDEN IS EASY TO DO. Gardening beginners are not quite sure what is important when determining where they should set up the new garden. If you follow these step-by-step gardening tips, you should soon have the ideal gardening spot ready to plant your seeds. Finding the best spot for your…

  • Lasagna Gardening/No Dig Gardening

    Lasagna Gardening/No Dig Gardening

    Lasagna Gardening (often referred to as No Dig Gardening or Sheet Composting) is a rather neat way of preparing your garden for planting without digging, removing sod, or tilling, and at the same time preparing a feast for worms. (As you are probably aware, worm castings is a humus rich soil amendment,  and the more worms play around in your…

  • Deep Root Watering

    Deep Root Watering

    DEEP ROOT WATERING YOUR PLANTS IN YOUR GARDEN CAN SAVE YOU TIME, WATER, AND MONEY. Most importantly, however, deep root watering promotes lush and vigorous growth. Here’s how Bill Watson explains deep root watering. Deep Root Watering your plants can be easily done and should be practiced for many reasons: 1. Deep root watering promotes lush and vigorous growth,…