Soil pH Preferred by Veggies & Herbs

Every vegetable, flower, herb, tree, shrub has a preferred soil pH range.  If your plants are not growing well, perhaps the problem is that the  soil does not have the proper pH for it. So if you have a meter, you can quickly find out the pH of the soil in question, then check this list and see if your soil’s pH needs adjusting.

As mentioned in the previous post  “Soil pH Meter“, when the meter’s needle points to any number  from 1 to 6.9 on the meter, your soil is acidic (how acidic depends on the number with 1 being high acidity and gradually decreasing in acidity as the number goes up).
If the needle stops on any number from 7.1 to 14, your soil is alkaline.

Below is a chart listing different vegetables and herbs and the soil’s pH range in which each one will grow best.

Photo by Dylan de Jonge